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Elephant Hair Bracelet Benefits

Elephants have a lot meaning among in African ethnicity. Elephants symbolized a power, strength and beauty. In Africa, the people used elephant’s tail hair to create several beautiful ethnic jewelries as like elephant hair bracelet. This bracelet is kind of jewel that originated in Africa. For about 1500 years ago, …

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Elephant hair bracelet gold

Have you heard about elephant hair bracelet? You’ll be guessing if the bracelet is made of elephant hair right? Well, that’s the correct deduction. This jewelry is made from the tail hairs of African elephants. These hairs are usually brown or black with length about up o 3 feet (91 …

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Elephant Hair Bracelet Introduction

Elephant hair bracelet is a trendy tribal jewelry, so what most people think about it. If you don’t know about it yet, this is a kind of knot bracelets made from elephant hair, the African elephants to be more précised. The primary material for these bracelets (the traditional ones) is …

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