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Elephant Tail Hair Bracelet

Elephant hair bracelet is extremely popular for African men and women. They believe that using this bracelet will save from any illness or disaster. It is actually tribal belief, because this type of African’s jewelry can be really great to save from any bad things in life. It can keep …

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Supernatural Charm Bracelet

Are you watching Supernatural TV Show? Or you are the fan of Dean Winchester played by Jensen Ackles? Well, if you noticed while watching “Supernatural,” the hunter Dean Winchester is wear protective supernatural charm bracelet in his right hand. That Dean’s amulet is elephant hair bracelet which is made from …

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Elephant Hair Bracelet How to Make

Elephant hair bracelet is one of the most sophisticated jewelry you can wear. Just like the name states, this accessory is originally made from real elephant hair. Elephant hair bracelets are highly popular in African culture whose existence can be traced back from 1200 years ago. Elephants has always been …

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