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How to Pick Jewelry for an Outfit

So, one of my favorite tricks for dressing on a budget, is jewelry. You can really go with any sort of clothing, really simple clothing, inexpensive. Go to H&M, go to Zara, and the way to make an outfit look expensive or exciting, is to pick some big jewelry. And …

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Parisian Lights Bracelet Tutorial

I really really love this bracelet, my Parisian Lights bracelet is something that is a really great present to make for people so Christmas, birthdays, that kinda thing. The reason is, the first one is gonna take you a little bit longer to make but once you kinda know what …

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Horse Hair Bracelet for Your Style

Fashion is a very important thing in modern times. Fashion not only includes garments worn but also related with other accessories such as bags, shoes and other knick knacks such as bracelets, necklaces, watches, hair accessories and so on. For women of fashion it is important to support the appearance. …

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