5 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Get You Lucky – Gift Ideas She’ll LOVE

Valentine’s, gentlemen, what do we know? Here are the facts. Third century, a gentleman named Valentin apparently is martyred and he is buried February 14th in Northern Italy. Two centuries later, he’s made a saint. In the 14th century, Geoffrey Chaucer uses poetry and associates Valentine’s Day with love. And then, in the 18th century, what we see start to happen gifts, people are giving each other love letters aka Valentine’s and we see the tradition start. Gentlemen, those are the facts. Why does this matter? Because Valentine’s Day is here to stay and you might as well crush this holiday and that’s what I’ve got for you. Five gifts you can give her to make sure that you get lucky. Gift idea number one, flowers, and I know you’ve heard that one before, you sounds pretty obvious. But, how are you giving the flowers? What’s the thought that’s going into them? Did you actually research figure out which flowers are her favorite or did you just happen to grab something on the way home? Did you think through this? Did you look at the presentation? Did you maybe spend a little bit more maybe time maybe money, but you actually put together a great presentation? I know one time I gave a gift of roses, actually had them wrapped in a really nice luxurious type of fabric, it just put the level up and it’s those small details.

Another one, that you can give somebody flowers or you can say, you know, I’m giving you these nine white roses because I remember the first time I met you that you just love the color of this particular type of rose, nine roses signifies eternal love. Now, you say that to a woman, it’s a totally different presentation than if you just give her the flowers. Gift idea number two, gentlemen, upgrade a practical tool which she’s already using. So, I love this one because she’s already shown a history of using this, so you know you’re going to get your money’s worth. But, you’ve got to be careful this one can come off as very unromantic. So, you can’t give her a brand new dishwasher and say, hey, honey, I hope you use this more. Good luck on that guys because you’re going to end up in dog’s house. No, take a step back and look at something that if you gave her a luxury version of it and you present it in a way, maybe with some of the other items I’m going to talk about it would come off as like, wow, this is great, I’ve been wanting this.

Fashion Jewelry, That is one of the best gifts I think you can give just because she’s going to use it again and again throughout the year and get a lot of value out of it, The point here is that you want to get close. You want skin-on-skin contact and this is legitimate very you know, if you don’t really know the person too well, maybe this isn’t going to work. But, for those of you that have maybe been with your wife for a decade, make time because I know with my wife, it’s very easy for me to go buy the certificate and say, hey, here honey, here you go. But, what’s harder is to actually say, I’m going to watch the kids, I’m going to stay with all four. You go off, spend the afternoon pampering yourself or better yet, I got a babysitter or I get her parents to come in and they’re going to watch the kids for half the day and we’re going to go do this together because when you’re in a room with your, you know, with someone that you wanted to get close to and you’re both just wearing towels, let’s just say it can put you in a great mood, put you in a playful fun mood and that’s what we’re shooting for here.

Valentine’s gift idea number four, dinner. I know that one sounds obvious, but we’re going to change this up just a bit. It’s going to be the dinner that’s all about her, the dinner that’s going to show that she matters that you care. And you do this by paying attention to the small things. Let’s say you go out to eat, well, you make sure to go the restaurant before. You know the waiter, you know the table you’re going to sit at, you have all of these reserved so that you know it’s not going to be overcrowded that you know the food is going to be good and that you know it’s going to be a great experience that she’s going to remember and you guys are going to talk about. Maybe you go out to eat all the time. Well, about bring it at home because a lot of you guys maybe you can’t afford a fancy restaurant, but you can always afford you can learn how to cook, you can learn how to present the food, you can learn how to put together a great dish.

You can spend the time months ahead learning those small details getting everything ready so that she’s just blown away because she didn’t even know this side of you especially if you’re just getting to know somebody, this is a great way to show some of the skill sets, everything that you can bring to the table and at the end of the day what you do is you make the person you’re with, you make them know that they matter and that you care about them. Valentine’s gift idea number five, gentlemen, have a shared fun experience with this person. You want to find an experience, I’m not talking about dinner and a movie, I’m talking about you maybe going go kart riding, you finding some bungee jumping to do depending on how adventurous she is.

I know personally, my wife and I have gone shooting and for years I have wanted to get her to go shooting and this is something going out for target practice. I’ve always thought it is enjoyable. She is kind of not really said she’s not into it, as soon as she did, I can tell you that it was just something she enjoys. She thought it was a lot of fun. It was something that she had never done before. And by getting someone outside of her comfort zone, getting something that it gets their heart rate up a bit, all of a sudden they associate that with you. So, whether you’ve been with that person a decade, you’ve been dating them for ten minutes, it doesn’t matter. What you want to get is for them to feel, okay, I like I feel good and I’m around this person and they associate that together.

All right, gentlemen. So now, it’s your turn. I want to hear from you down in the comments your best Valentine’s Day gift you’ve given that you’re going to give, maybe an idea of something that you have wanted to give. This is something that if you pick up nothing else from my video, gentlemen, understand that the gift that you give, it’s the emotion, it’s the time, it’s the preparation, it’s you showing that the person you’re giving it to matters and that they are, you know, whether you spend a dollar or whether you spend a thousand dollars, you want to show that the person matters. Now, I do want to thank Amope again, great gift, great like I said I am actually giving this to my wife with flowers with I write a little bit of poetry. But, something like this practical useful and I know that she’s going to love it and it works well.

I did, I tested this on myself. This thing works really well on your calluses, so why not give a gift like this, so that you can create a great Valentine’s Day experience. Gentlemen, that’s it. Have a great Valentine’s Day