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Elephant Hair Bracelet Illegal

Elephant hair bracelet is a beautiful and appealing jewelry which comes from African culture. Indeed, elephants hold vital role in African tribes since the ancient times. Their existence is often associated and symbolized as the source of power, luck, and growth. Not only used as material of jewelry such as this bracelet, elephants’ ivories are also often used as house decoration in African’s house as a symbol of enormous strength. Moreover, people believe that owning and wearing this bracelet will bring them luck, prosperity, and health. Originally, elephant hair bracelet is made from real hair taken from elephant. Elephants generally own hairs, especially on the tail, with average length of around 22 inches with different thickness from one end to the other. This thick hair should be cut evenly in order to make an elephant hair bracelet.


Made from real elephant’s hair, this jewelry is highly rare and expensive. Yet, considering the significance and meanings of elephant hair bracelet for African tribal culture, you have to consider the most important thing before purchasing this jewelry. It should be noted thatinitially, African tribes made this bracelet only using shed or fallen elephant’s hair strands when they rub their bodies against tree. This way, the tribes can make the hair bracelet without hurting the elephants, let alone hunting and killing them. However, as this bracelet gains more popularity worldwide, the demands for elephant hair growhigher. Nowadays, people get the material for this jewelry by illegally hunting and skinning elephant’s leather and hair. Thus, it makes elephant hair bracelet illegal in most countries in the world. Not only the hunting action is considered as illegal, possessing this jewelry is counted as crime under the law. The illegalization of elephant hair is caused by constant reduction of elephant population, especially in Africa. Elephants become endangered species because the hair tails used for elephant hair bracelets are taken from wiped out or poached elephants. Wildlife organization reports that the number of elephants roaming in Africa is getting less and less due to illegal elephant’s killing. Elephants’ tusks and teeth are also quite popular among collectors.

Since purchasing and possessing the real elephant hair bracelet is illegal, nowadays people make elephant hair bracelet from other materials such as beads, copper, and silver that makes the bracelet looks just the same like the original ones made from elephant hair. When making bracelet from elephant hair is illegal, making bracelet from other animals such as giraffe can be another option. Using this option, people can still possess the unique ornaments without sacrificing the nature as well as without losing the tribal legend and history. Elegant and classy, elephant hair bracelet is suitable for all ages and genders. Even better, you do not have to spend a lot of money to buy this bracelet from the internet. How to make elephant hair bracelet requires no complex ingredients and easy steps. Instead, using simple and cheap materials you can find easily around, you can make your own elephant hair bracelet at home or buy in our store with the best price

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  1. Elizabeth Fleetwood Herbaugh

    My grandmother brought me a beautiful elephant hair bracelet from Kenya in the late 1960s, and yes, it also has a piece of ivory on it. These were naturally acquired from elephants in my Great Aunts compound. It means a lot to me but can I still wear it now that it is illegal?

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