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Elephant hair bracelet gold

Have you heard about elephant hair bracelet? You’ll be guessing if the bracelet is made of elephant hair right? Well, that’s the correct deduction. This jewelry is made from the tail hairs of African elephants. These hairs are usually brown or black with length about up o 3 feet (91 meters). This bracelet is so famous among African people since they believed the bracelet will bring them luck and be overwhelmed with wealth, love, health and progress. People in Africa have faith that an elephant is a bridge which is connecting heaven and earth. This African mythology is the reason why the elephant bracelet becomes so significance in their culture. The elephant bracelet has two or four knots which is each knots represent different meaning:

  • Two knots—symbolize of earth which represent about the fertility and ancestor; then nature which comprise spirit and forces. It’s believed create a balance between earth and nature.
  • Four knots—signify element of Mother Nature, namely fire, sun, water and wind. The elephant hair’s strand which pass the knots be a symbol of the seasons of years that evolving constantly. Therefore, it’s believed that it helps to bring strength and fortune.

Black elephant hair bracelet gold

Bracelet that is truly made from African elephant tail hairs undoubtedly become a pretty piece of jewelry and art along with the legend within. It might make you to have one instead of thinking about other factors. Though in African ethnicity, the elephant bracelet are made of only from tail hair that fall as the elephants stroke their tails on the trees, numerous Africa elephants are still illegally hunted to obtain their leather, hair and ivory as material for jewelry and decoration. As a result, some of continent prohibited for making bracelet or other jewels from elephant’s part. Also owned one is counted as illegal act too.

elephant hair bracelet gold

Nowadays, the elephant bracelet appears with shiny look that made from silver and gold. Elephant hair bracelet gold is imitating the real shape of elephant bracelet. By owned the imitation one, you can still become the part of the legend. This kind of jewel can be a trendy accessory especially for women. The bracelet can be fully made from gold strands or combines it with elephant hair (real or artificial). The bright color gold and the dark shade of elephant hair create a charming, classy and elegant look as well.

The elephant bracelet is able to made from different material and arrange it with beads, braiding, stones or leather. You can make it by yourself. Make a unique looking bracelet by combine elephant tail hair knot also various beads. There are two styles of elephant bracelet with beads; there are single thread and multi thread. You can start to make the bracelet by collecting your colored beads or wooden beads and synthetic string or flexible metal string. Special for multi stranded, you can select different color for the string to produce more attractive looks. Make your own pattern with your taste.

elephant hair bracelet with gold

However, if you attracted to have one of elephant bracelet in gold, you can easily get it on our online shop. Buying elephant hair bracelet gold online is convenience way to get the bracelet. But, remember to make sure the bracelet has good quality like on our store provide.

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