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Elephant Hair Bracelet Benefits

Elephants have a lot meaning among in African ethnicity. Elephants symbolized a power, strength and beauty. In Africa, the people used elephant’s tail hair to create several beautiful ethnic jewelries as like elephant hair bracelet. This bracelet is kind of jewel that originated in Africa. For about 1500 years ago, this bracelet only made from elephant tail hair, it believed bring a good fortune and protection from any harm and illness for those who wear it. Whoever wears this bracelet also believed will be overwhelmed with love, health, wealth and progress. There is mythology among people in Africa which is believed that elephants are linking the earth and heaven, that myth gives this kind of bracelet more meaning for their culture.

elephant hair bracelet benefits







Based on African culture, the hair to make bracelet is traditionally gathered from areas where elephants rub their tails against trees. The tail hairs can reach up to 3 feet in length. However, recently the elephant bracelet is made from different raw materials such as silver (copper and metal) and gold strands or even giraffe hair which is have closer looks like the original one. Often time, the hair is combined with leather and beads as variation. For your information; as the wild African elephants becomes threatened species also protected in the name of law due to illegally hunted and poached for their ivory and leather also hair strands to make jewelry, there are many part of the world, it becomes against the law by owning a bracelet made of elephant’s hair. So, since that regulation, raw materials as mentioned before are used by crafters to make an elephant bracelet imitation. Even though it’s just imitating the real one, the bracelet still molded with simply design without put aside the cultural values. After all, you still can be a part of the myth by possessing this classy, tribal and historic bracelet.

If we talk about elephant hair bracelet benefits, it can be said the bracelet gives luck and prosperity for those who believe that this bracelet brings strength. The various strands and knots are believed to symbolize different aspects of life: love, wealth, health and progress. Usually, elephant bracelet has two, four and six knots. The bracelet with two knots represents earth’s fertility and ancestor also nature’s spirit and forces. These two knots shows the sense of balance between nature and earth. The four knots bracelet represents the components of Mother Nature—fire, sun, wind and water. The elephant hair strands itself, that pass the knots become a symbol of four season of the year.

Most of African tribes regard that elephant hair is a carrier of good fortune, that’s why there is faith— the power of elephant hair is bring luck, protected from illness, prevent from any misfortunes and harms also believed will attain great fortune to the wearer. These days, not only African that interested to wear traditional elephant bracelet that made of real or artificial elephant hair, but people around the world.

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