Supernatural Charm Bracelet

Are you watching Supernatural TV Show? Or you are the fan of Dean Winchester played by Jensen Ackles? Well, if you noticed while watching “Supernatural,” the hunter Dean Winchester is wear protective supernatural charm bracelet in his right hand. That Dean’s amulet is elephant hair bracelet which is made from fiber plant.

supernatural elephant hair bracelet

Talked about elephant hair bracelet, indeed this kind of jewel is truly made from wild African elephant hair. Traditionally, the hair is gathered from areas where the herd of elephants is rubbing their tails against trees. Based on African mythology, elephant is a bridge that connecting earth and heaven, the life of here and hereafter also body and soul. And for centuries, African tribes used tail hairs of the elephant to make various jewelries, one of them is bracelet. They believed by wearing the elephant hair jewelry will bring them good luck and fortune also protected from harm and illness. The wearer of elephant bracelet also will be blessed with love, health, wealth and good luck. Since elephant bracelet gain more popularity among tourists it also increase the demand. To reduce the usage of real elephant tail hair, recently the raw material is replaced with silver, metal, copper, also gold wires and even giraffe hair that have similar looks with elephant tail hair. The other reason why the genuine hair is substitute by artificial one is the fact that making jewelries from elephant hair and possessing real elephant bracelet can be counted as criminal act in some places in the world.

Well, let’s back to supernatural charm bracelet, people. If you watched Dean’s hand in the show, you will see bracelets surrounded his wrist, right? Slightly, the bracelet has two knots. In Africa, two knots of elephant bracelet has powerfully symbolic. It signify earth’s fertility and ancestor also nature’s spirits and forces. Therefore, African natives believed it is creating the balance of earth and nature, by this means the wearer of an elephant bracelet is synchronize with force of universe. To simply put, the two knots is symbolic of supernatural world things, likes spirit and the mysterious forces of nature. Nah, it might be the reason why Dean is seen wearing bracelet from elephant hair (as amulet) since Dean in the show always dealing with spirit of dead people.


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