Elephant Hair Bracelet How to Make

Elephant hair bracelet is one of the most sophisticated jewelry you can wear. Just like the name states, this accessory is originally made from real elephant hair. Elephant hair bracelets are highly popular in African culture whose existence can be traced back from 1200 years ago. Elephants has always been holding essential role for African tribes that it often symbolizes strength, power, and progress. Legend said that whoever person wear this bracelet made from elephant hair will be blessed with luck, health, love, and power. This belief makes elephant hair bracelet gains more and more popular not only in Africa but also worldwide. However, due to high demands of elephant hair, people often take benefits at the expense of the nature. Thousands elephants are killed and poached each year only to take their ivories, leathers, tails, hairs, and sometimes teeth. Thus, in order to protect elephant population, nowadays people need government’s legal permission to make elephant hair bracelet. Due to this rule, no wonder that the original elephant hair bracelet is remarkably expensive.

Not only it is illegal to get elephant hair freely, elephant hair bracelet how to make is relatively difficult. Due to the different thickness of the hair from one end to the other, the craftsman should be able to cut it evenly into several pieces with the same thickness. It makes even more difficult when the hair used is from old elephant because their hairs are usually thicker than the younger ones’. But, old elephant owns white hair that makes the bracelet rarely found and highly rewarded. The hair used for bracelet is commonly taken from the tails. Naturally, elephant hairs are hard and stiff. Therefore, it needs to be boiled first to make it soft and thus can be easily molded and shaped into various models. While still hot, these strands of elephant hair should be shaped into jewelry. The bracelet is usually consisted of two, three, or six knots which refers to particular meanings in African culture. However, the knots can be made more than that such as eight or even ten knots, depends on the maker’s style. The knots must be firmly tightened to avoid the bracelet to get loosened up.

Elephant hair bracelet making

If you find that the original elephant hair bracelet’s price is too expensive, then you can consider making it on your own. Not using real elephant hair, of course, but by making use other similar raw materials you can find around you. How to make African elephant hair bracelet at home does not require complex materials and difficult process. To substitute the elephant hair, you can use some strands of copper or silver to make the knots. If you want something more personal details, you can add stones and beads to the bracelet. You cannot only mold the bracelet by knotting straight strands of hair but also braiding them. Indeed, it is up to your creativity and liking, yet you have to keep it as simple as possible because elephant hair bracelet’s elegance and beauty is known coming from its simplicity.

making Elephant hair bracelet

Elephant hair bracelet how to make

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