Elephant Hair Bracelet Meaning

Elephant hair bracelets have been becoming popular jewelry since a long time ago.

In Africa, these exceptional bracelets are known existing from over 1500 years ago. As the name suggests, elephant hair bracelets are originally made from the real hair of an elephant. Not only unique and extraordinary, this jewelry possesses incredible symbolical meaning which comes from African tribes’ belief. As many ethnic beliefs have noted, especially for African culture, elephants are magical creatures which representa number kinds of symbolism, either in popular culture or mythology. In their culture, elephants symbolize power and strength for their enormous energy, as well as symbol of beauty and harmony for their distinctive nature. In addition, elephants are also admired for their durable stamina, cooperative spirit, long life, and profound loyalty.In South Africa, many people hang elephant tusks as house decoration as it symbolizes eternityand strength. Due to their prevalent meanings in African’s life, elephants are highly respected in the realm of war and religion. Since a long time ago, their presence has been represented through ancient cave paintings and writings, ancient sculptures, and even folk tales.elephant tail hair bracelet

Not only using tusks as house ornaments, African tribes also use elephant’s hair as a material of jewelry which is known as elephant hair bracelet. Although it seems hairless, elephants actually grow thin hair especially around their ears, eyes, tail, chin, and stomach. In ancient times, this bracelet was made only from real elephant hair that made them so special and exceptional. However, as elephants were growing rare and their lives are protected by the government, in recent years, elephant hair bracelets are made from combination of various materials, such as beads, wire, and plant fiber. There are some significant factors why people are interested in this bracelet. The most important elephant hair bracelet meaning is that it will give luck to the person who wears it. Furthermore, this jewelry is believed to bring love, prosperity, health, and big progress. Legend told that since 1500 years ago this bracelet is worn to avoid illness, misfortunes, and harm. Because of this belief, no wonder that some famous public figures are reported owning this bracelet, such as Bruce Lee (actor), George Clooney(actor), Amelia Earheart(female aviator), and John Maccain(politician).

The other elephant hair bracelet benefits are that the jewelry is believed as the connecting factor between life in earth and heaven as well as a symbol of four elements of life: wind, sun fire, and water which is represented by its four knots. When people are tightening these knots around their hand, it is believed that they are uniting the forces of four life elements with a strong life force. This action is understood to bring good luck and power. Not only four knots, elephant hair bracelets can also be made from either two or six knots. If four knots represent four life elements, then two knots represent the earth and nature which should live side by side. Then, six knots represent all those elements; earth, nature, wind, sun fire, and water.

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