Elephant hair bracelet silver

Elephant hair bracelet is known firstly coming from African culture.

This jewelry has been popular since the ancient times. Initially, African people made this bracelet using real elephant hair they got from fallen or shed elephant’s hair when they brushed their tails on tree. As elephant is a respected animal in African tribes, legend said that wearing this classy and elegant bracelet will bring good luck and power. No wonder that several notable public figures, such as Bruce Lee and George Clooney are spotted wearing this elephant hair bracelet. Either you believe this legend or not, elephant hair bracelet will be an excellent option to support your performance because this bracelet is all simple and beautiful.

elephant hair bracelet silver


If you are interested to purchase real elephant hair bracelet, then you should pay some attention to some tips so you will get the same as your money’s worth. To make sure that the elephant hair bracelet you are about to buy is created from high quality, first you have to observe the materials. To check if the bracelet is really made from real elephant hair, ask the vendor whether they have certificate of authenticity. It is also important to know that nowadays, possessing elephant hair bracelet is considered as a crime if the hair materials are acquired illegally. Keep in mind that this jewelry contains history and significant meanings so you have to be careful if you decide to purchase the real ones. Furthermore, due to the rare materials, people often substitute elephant hair by using giraffe hair instead. In order to avoid getting deceived, make sure that the seller owns the bracelet’s authenticity letter. Second thing to do is to observe the bracelet’s knots and shape. Real elephant hair is so difficult to shape because of its hardness and thickness. Before making it into a bracelet, the hair should be boiled first to soften the strands of hair. When it is still hot, the hair must be molded quickly because once it cools off, the shape will retain. Good quality real elephant hair bracelet should have tight knots and well-proportioned shape so when it is worn on your arms, it will be evenly spaced and not easily to loosen. Third, if you want to see whether the elephant hair bracelet is real or not, you can try burning little end of the bracelet. If it is made from real elephant hair, you will smell the odor of burning hair instead of other smells.

silver elephant hair bracelet

Elephant hair bracelet is obviously a great fashion statement as well as beautiful luck charms for your needs. If the seller collected the elephant hairs legally without hurting any elephants, elephant hair bracelet silver will be a perfect choice for you. If you are considering buying one, with the advance of technology, you do not need to go all the way to Africa to get it. You can buy it with the best price in our store under bracelet section.

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