Elephant Hair Bracelet Introduction

Elephant hair bracelet is a trendy tribal jewelry, so what most people think about it.

If you don’t know about it yet, this is a kind of knot bracelets made from elephant hair, the African elephants to be more précised. The primary material for these bracelets (the traditional ones) is indeed the hair of elephants inhabiting Africa.

As for today, the bracelets become popular as souvenirs from Africa. For most people, these bracelets are trendy accessories but for Africans, they hold deeper meaning. Elephants are symbols of power, beauty and strength in African’s culture. Elephants are praised for cooperative spirit, loyalty, mental faculties, size and longevity. Elephant tusks are famous as decorations at home. Elephant coat of arms is used as symbol of eternity, strength and wisdom moderation.

History and Cultural Values of Elephant Hair Bracelets

Elephant hair (mainly the tail ones) at the other hand is being used to make jewelries such as elephant hair bracelet. Elephants have hairs in several parts of their bodies. The most noticeable parts will be the chins, ear openings, eyes, stomachs and tails. It may seem unlikely, but the elephant hair is very thick.

The history of these bracelets can be tracked all the way back to approximately 1,500 years ago. Back then, the bracelets were made purely from elephant hair. The people who made these bracelets for the first time believed that each bracelet would help to ward harm, illness and misfortunes.

At that time, every elephant hair bracelet was worn for blessing of love, health, progress and prosperity. The bracelets were also believed as the bringer of luck to the ones who wear them. The Africans believe that elephants are connecting factor of earth and heaven. This mythology gives even more cultural values to the bracelets.

Elephant hair is very thick and one strand of hair can measure up to be longer than 22 inches. The older an elephant, the thicker hair will be found. Usually, the end of the hair is the thickest part and one might even need to slice the strand to get several pieces to be made into bracelets.

In processing the hair, it must be boiled and softened first before the hair can be molded into elephant hair bracelet. The colors found on the hairs of elephant are usually black to brown. There is also the white color but this one is very rare. The white hair is so unusual and naturally becomes very special.


Elephant Hair Bracelets Care and Maintenance:

When you purchase the bracelets, you need to be able to take care of them in order to maintain the beauty. The maintenance is not difficult. It started with washing the bracelet carefully by hand and with minimal force. It is important to put just enough pressure in order to avoid the breaking of elephant hair strand.

Try to use the normal hair shampoo or the special dog’s shampoo while washing the bracelet. After the elephant hair bracelet is properly washed, apply conditioner to the closing and opening of each strand to treat every strand separately.

Proper maintenance needs to be done regularly. The natural hair strand will not dry out and the color will be protected properly. Keep in mind to never use too much force especially throwing the bracelet into the washing machine. Also apply olive oil to the bracelet every four to six months.

Buying Guide and Some Considerations

Purchasing an elephant hair bracelet can be done easily from various sellers. A few years ago, these bracelets are special gifts from traveling all the way to Africa. Nowadays, shopping online can help in acquiring a variety of bracelets made by elephant hair or even the one mixed and combined with beads and metals.

Finding the ones in good quality needs extra attention. Take a look at the knots of the bracelets. These knots need to be tight but not too tight. If the knots are not tight enough, it will come loose easily. If the knots are too tight, the bracelet cannot be adjusted easily.

What about elephant hair bracelet without knots? Pay attention to the details of the bracelets instead. Take a look at whether each part or detail is well made or not. Check how refined the finishing touch and if they are properly made not to become easily loosen.

Elephant Hair Bracelets: Controversy and the Alternatives

Although sellers often state that they take hair shed by elephant as they rub their tails on tree branch, the reality is not like that. Most of the time, the hair comes from elephants those are hunted and poached to take the hair, leather, ivories and others.

African elephants are known as endangered species and protected by laws. Having the genuine elephant hair bracelet is considered illegal and considered as felony in several parts of the world. Because of this situation, jewelers create alternatives and those alternatives.

The artificial elephant hairs become great option and replacement of the genuine ones. Many of the bracelets found nowadays are made from softer metal strands made to resemble elephant hair. Despite being artificial, they are equally beautiful and good. Most people can’t even tell the difference between artificial and genuine.


Various Elephant Hair Bracelets and the Meaning

An elephant hair bracelet usually made to have two, four or even six knots. The number of knots represents or symbolizes different things:

  • Two Knots – It’s believed to be the one to create the balance of earth and nature. The two knots represent earth that represents ancestors, nature and fertility of which represent forces and spirits.

  • Three knots  – Each one of the knot represent elements including water, wind and fire or to put it simpler, the Mother Nature. Meanwhile. The hair strand that goes through the knots represent the seasons of a year round. It’s an important thing for the Africans because of the special relation they have with seasons of every year.


genuine elephant hair bracelet 3 knot

  • Four knots – An elephant hair bracelet with these knots represents everything mentioned in the previous points. This kind of bracelets is not popular because the more difficulty found in the process of making the bracelets.


4 knot elephant hair bracelet

Elephant Hair Bracelet

Starting the series of reviews will be an overview to the bracelets made of elephant hair or to out it simpler, the more traditional or most known designs. The original designs are the bracelets with two, four or six knots. The explanation of each number of knots has been explained previously. In a nutshell, these knots represent the nature while the movement from the knots represent the forces those involve continual evolution and nature. Thus the people in Africa traditionally believe that the elephant hair bracelet will bring good luck and strength.

Genuine Hair and Artificial Hair

Traditionally, the bracelets are made from the real, the genuine elephant hair. The bracelets are sold as souvenirs from Africa and the fame of these bracelets spread fast to various parts of the world. The next happens is the higher demands. This led to the illegal hinting and poaching of wild African elephants. As these elephants become threatened and protected by laws, the possession of genuine elephant hair bracelet becomes illegal in several countries in the world. As no jewelers want to deal with troublesome lawsuit from selling genuine elephant hair, alternatives have been created. Here’s the great deal about the genuine bracelet and cheap price that i’ve found in amazon. 3 Knot Genuine Elephant Hair Bracelet

The artificial elephant hair bracelet is the one often being found these days. It goes without saying that these bracelets are made of artificial elephant hair. The artificial hair is made to be similar to the original elephant hair. These hairs are the ones often being used as of today. Aside of the usage of artificial hair, metals or the hairs of the other hairy animals are also being used. The patterns of the bracelets remain similar and follow the traditional ones. Together, these materials continue to spread fame of the bracelets and being called elephant hair bracelets despite the fact that they are not elephant hairs. And for man made, i’ve found the deal for you. Dean’s Elephant Hair Bracelet Supernatural Prop Replica

Traditional and Creative Designs of the Bracelets

It cannot be denied that every piece of elephant hair bracelet is made to be beautiful despite being rather simple. The simplicity of the bracelets is one of its main charms aside of the cultural values. The traditional designs include the two, four and six knots of the bracelets. As mentioned in the previous section, these designs carry cultural values. The design is rather plain with the usage of one strand or even several strands of elephant hair. That being said, elephant hair bracelet remains as beautiful tribal jewelry for many.

The designs of elephant hair bracelet are traditionally suitable for both men and women. The unisex design certainly makes the bracelet even loved more by many. Recently, there are also the nontraditional designs or the creative designs with the more gender specification seen through the bracelets. The combination of colorful beads on the bracelets makes the designs more special and sometimes looking more suitable for women than men. It is not a bad thing at all as more variety in the designs will certainly make the bracelets more attractive.

The elephant hair bracelet is not longer just something simple yet meaningful brought home as gifts or souvenirs from traveling to Africa. That being said, the value of the bracelets remains similar. For the time being, the bracelets receive more attention especially because of the availability of online shops. The tribal jewelers of Africa offer their products through their own websites. A few of them dare to offer bracelets labeled as genuine elephant hair while most jewelers prefer to use other materials in place of the real hair such as the artificial hair as well as metals. The designs are also becoming more varied and more interesting to be checked.

There’s alot of combination for making jewelry, here’s common variation that we’ve research for you.

Silver Elephant Hair Bracelet

If the traditional dark colored elephant hair bracelet is not the one wanted or expected, why not trying the silver ones? Silver color is considerably neutral and many people would prefer the silver jewelries instead of the other metals like gold or copper. You might want to take a look at a collection of silver bracelets labeled as products of elephant hair. You can expect the plain and traditional design with silver wires as substitute of elephant hair or even the combination of silver and elephant hair strands. Pick whichever you like but pay attention to the details.


Paying Attention to Silver Quality

There is nothing wrong with wanting quality products. As the matter of fact, checking the quality will certainly need to be done. Silver jewelries are no different compare to other jewelries. Extra attention to the details such as the quality of silver will bring more satisfaction in the end. The better quality silver will be better and will likely to last for longer time. The silver will be molded to strands before finally being made into good bracelets. An elephant hair bracelet made of silver might have a single strand or even a few strands made of silver or wire coated with silver.


Following the Traditional Design

Despite the fact that the bracelet is made of silver, people will still call it as the elephant hair bracelet. It is not because of the ignorance or not acknowledging the usage of silver but more because of the traditional design. The silver strands will be tied together exactly like the bracelets made from real elephant hair. There will be knots and the strands that go through the strands. The bracelets will look stiffer in pictures or images but will not be as stiff as bangles.


Silver Touch in Creative Designs

The usage of silver in the elephant hair bracelet is not just limited to the silver strands to replace the elephant hair strands. There are silver ornaments made to be attached to the bracelets. Creative designs have made it possible to put beautiful looking silver ornaments to enhance the look of bracelets. In these designs, the bracelets might retain the traditional design or even something newer and more modern. In these designs, the silver ornaments are usually in form of a small ring and elephant hair (artificial or even real) will go through the hole of the ring.

Sometimes, the silver ornaments will be molded into the shape of beads or to be the crown of the beads for the bracelet. Elephant hair bracelet with beads or stones are usually aimed more for women than men and they often be more colorful (the beads). Since these are creative designs, expect them to go out of the traditional pattern in the creation of the bracelet. Are they bad? Of course they’re not. Some people want to have items in extraordinary bracelets. Thus these creative designs will become the better choice compare to the more traditional designs.

The silver colored elephant hair bracelet can be a great option for those who wish to have a rather different look on the bracelets. As you can see, most of the elephant hair bracelets come in dark color of brown or black. Adding a little bit of light colored silver will be a great thing and giving the bracelet a bit of variation. Whether the designs chosen are creative designs or traditional designs, the silver color make the bracelets even more charming. If you happen to have allergic reaction from skin contact to silver, you will need to skip this option and check the others.


Gold Elephant Hair Bracelet

There is silver and there is gold. Certainly, the both of them will give the different touch or charm to the bracelets and certainly worthy to be checked. In the case of gold elephant hair bracelet, the contrast between the bright gold with the dark color of elephant hair makes a really good combination. They look classy and definitely elegant for the tribal accessories. Gold has always been charming and choosing gold as a way to enhance the look of a tribal bracelet is something very interesting. The bracelet can be made fully with gold strands or even combines with elephant hair (artificial or real) or even combined with other metals like copper or silver.


Glowing Gold but Not Quite Gold

One thing that you need to remember is not to expect pure gold made into the bracelet for most of the time. Why? The reason is similar to silver bracelets. Many choices of elephant hair bracelet are made from the gold fill or the metal alloy mixed with real gold of different carats. Every jeweler has different standards and good jewelers and sellers will tell you about the amount of gold in the bracelet and the carats of the gold. By all means, this is not a bad thing considering that the price will become more affordable and you can still keep the bracelets for years.

Although that the gold combination found in today’s market are mainly made of fill gold and not pure gold, the ones made of majority gold can be found as well albeit rare. Some jewelers dare to do this. If you have interest in acquiring elephant hair bracelet, make sure that you ask and check for the certification. This is important even when the gold is being used as ornaments to cover up the knots or the other ornamental purposes. The good jewelers will certainly follow the standard of gold jewelry production and less likely to disappoint.


The Charm in Shimmers of Gold

The glowing color of gold is certainly a charming thing to be found in jewelries. Tribal jewelries like elephant hair bracelet are usually not using gold although that some might find gold in some of the jewelries. Gold, even if it is just a bit will certainly be something catching attention. In the case of gold for the elephant bracelets, most of the time, the shimmers of gold can be found in small ornaments tied to the bracelets. These bits might small but play important part to the overall design of the bracelets.

Just like silver and copper, gold is also made into strands to make the elephant hair bracelet in classic design. The thickness of the bracelets is varied depending on the design of the bracelet. The gold strands can be found on the knots of the bracelets or even being a major part of the bracelet in the creative design. Whatever the design, gold gives a true charming accent to the jewelries. The bracelet will look elegant and eye catching.

The usage of gold in elephant hair bracelet is something welcomed by many people. Even if the gold is not pure gold and even when gold is used as an element being mixed into the bracelet. You as buyer need to be cautious and careful in checking the quality of the bracelets. Check the details of the bracelet carefully and ask for the information about the gold within the bracelet. If the gold is one claimed to be certified, ask for the certification in order to make sure if the bracelet truly made with gold within the standards.


Leather Elephant Hair Bracelet

The creative designs of elephant hair bracelet have brought the good and unique designs. Combining leather with elephant hair (artificial or even real) can actually bring the real good looking tribal jewelries. Leather is known as luxurious materials for many thing including clothing, furniture and many others. Products of leather combined with the legendary bracelets from elephant hair will bring out the real great tribal design like no other. The luxurious leather meets with the sturdy and super thick hair of elephant might never be something thought by some people. With the more creative designs found today, leather becomes a part of charming bracelets.


Combining Leather to the Bracelet

What kind of combination can be found within the bracelets? There are actually a lot of variations can be found in the designs for these bracelets. Leather can be cut into the almost similar size to the common elephant hair and then being tied together to form the simple yet meaningful bracelets. The design of the elephant hair bracelet with leather can be something very simple and even following the traditional or original designs of the bracelet of its kind. If you wish to get the similar design with the traditional ones, you can get it. Just let the jewelers do what they can.

The addition of leather can be just a tiny bit of the bracelet. The leather might as well be the dominating material on the elephant hair bracelet. As mentioned before, the leather can be further cut and made into strands those will be tied together while following the traditional designs with particular amount of knots. The usage of tiny bit of leather can be found as well. While sometimes the leather is not something noticeable, the true charm of leather is there.


Further Enhancement of Tribal Designs

Elephant hair bracelet is considered being the bracelet with tribal design or simply to put; it’s a kind of tribal jewelries. While the popular options of these bracelets come in the more traditional designs, recently the more creative designs become popular as well. Within the available designs, some of them are made to enhance the tribal feel from the bracelets. In order to do this, the jewelry designers use not only leather but also adding the other items like animal fangs (or something looks like animal fangs) into the designs in hope of increasing its design value.

While searching your ideal elephant hair bracelet, you will also find the good looking bracelets enhanced further with natural stones or even beads (usually made of woods). Leather and all other natural materials make the bracelets look even more valuable as tribal accessories. If you are into the more tribal touch in your bracelets, you can try to find the unique designs of leather bracelet with the accompaniment of elephant hair or even without the accompaniment of elephant hair. They are going to be captivating and casual enough to be worn every day in any occasion.

Leather and elephant hair (even if it is just the artificial one) will certainly need proper care. Remember that previously you have learned how to take care of the elephant hair bracelet carefully. You need to wash the bracelet carefully and regularly apply moisturizer to the bracelet. Leather also needs moisturizer in order to make sure that it stays flexible and not drying out. One thing you need to pay attention is the usage of shampoo or soap while washing. Choose the mild shampoo that will be gentle for the leather. It is also important to properly make sure to rinse the soap or shampoo completely to avoid the leather getting dry sooner.


Man Made Elephant Hair Bracelet

Every bracelet is made by human because of the easiness as well as the passion of every crafter in creating the bracelets. You might even be able to make one on your own if you have enough material and also have good tutorial. Let’s just say that you want to buy a bracelet. Searching for the good elephant hair bracelet will take time. Even when you are visiting an Africa country and want to pick up the bracelet as gifts, you need to consider a few things. You can always simply choose the bracelets in the traditional or signature designs of the bracelets. The classic patterns with two, four and six knots will be great but you may want something new.


Creativity in the Creations

Every artisan or jeweler has their own take in designing the bracelets they will offer to other people. Yes, they don’t always just creating bracelets with the same old designs even when the more traditional designs are indeed charming. If you intend to acquire the unique designs, you won’t find difficulty as a lot of bracelets now have various designs. You can try to find your ideal elephant hair bracelet by checking the unique designs offered by these people.

The designs use various materials and not limited to just one particular material like it used to be. Many jewelers or artisans start to combine materials and even create more details on the bracelet while continue making the traditional ones. An elephant hair bracelet might have a combination of artificial elephant hair, leather, beads and a little bit of gold or other two metals (silver or copper). The usage of these ornaments and adding more details is a good thing to attract more people and avoid the bracelets being something dull and uninteresting enough.


More Artistic than Traditional

As time goes by, you will find more designs. Right now, the options of elephant hair bracelet are filled with the more artistic and attractive designs. Admittedly, the more traditional designs become duller day by day. This doesn’t mean that nobody tries to bring down the cultural value of the bracelets. But we must admit that many people want something different. Therefore, seeing the designers of elephant hair jewelries creating new designs is a pretty much predicted thing. Certainly, this is a good thing considering that every buyer now has more options.

You can find man made elephant hair bracelet in a wide variety of designs. If you favor gold, you can find the ones enhanced with the color of gold. If you prefer silver, you will be able to get it as well. You can also get the ones with leather or copper. The designs can be simple or even be more elaborated with tiny details or ornaments. You can always pick up the ones you think as the best and get the ones you think will suit you the most. You can always try to check on each one of them to be more certain on what you are searching for.

There are more and more modernized designs of bracelet found. Although that sometimes, they don’t even have the artificial elephant hair, they are still referred as the variants of elephant hair bracelets. At this point, it is not wrong to consider these bracelets are the ones inspired by African culture. Not a bad thing at all and if you like the bracelets, why not? These are lovely bracelets that will last for long time. You can wear them for years if you properly take care each one of the elephant hair bracelet.

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